Lord Buddha Educational Trust

Director's Message

Dear Friends,

Its give me great pleasure to welcome you to the Lord Buddha Educational Trust (LBET).

This is the right time for you to choose an Institute, which aims to mould your future and to lay the foundation for conceptual and analytical reasoning and gives the students an insight into the dynamics of the corporate world. At LBET, we strive to create a learning culture where individual vision, intellectual discipline and teamwork are valued.

We are well known of this technical age in this age there is a great demand of computer literate in the market because today a person is known as illiterate if he/she has not the knowledge of Computer, because the help of computer is doing every work. We are familiar with the expansion of technology worldwide. This technology brought a lot of opportunities in the market. Everyone in the world knows that the technologist of India have the ability to change the world with their skills and labour. In our country there is lack of resources to the persons to get the proper knowledge this, I have experienced in my past 13 year in the carrier of a Computer Teacher.

I have got realised that, if we will help our citizens they will create a new history in this regard I have tried my best by establishing an Educational Trust for providing Computer knowledge to those who are facing the lack of resources I hope you will gain benefits from this trust {“LORD BUDDHA EDUCATIONAL TRUST”} and you will co-operate me in my motive to make our country as a country of Information and Technology.

In this regard any suggestion are most welcome………..

With Best Compliments and regards,


Project Director (LBET)