COA (Certificate in Office Automation)
DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)
DCP (Diploma in Computer Programming)
DDTP (Diploma in Desktop Publishing)
DWPD (Diploma in Web Page Designing)
CFA (Certificate in Financial Accounting)
CCH (Certificate in Computer Hardware)
DCH (Diploma in Computer Hardware)
DMS (Diploma in Multimedia Science)
PGDCP (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Programming)
PGDDTP (Post Graduate Diploma in Desktop Publishing)
PGDWPD (Post Graduate Diploma in Web Page Designing)
DCAA (Diploma in Application & Accountancy)
ADIT (Advance Diploma In Information Technology)
ADCA (Advance Diploma in Computer Application )
MDDA(Master Diploma In Designing And Accounting )
MDSH(Master Diploma In Software And Hardware )
MDSHE (Master Diploma In Software And Hardware Engineering)
MDIT (Master Diploma In Information Technology)
NCTT (Nursery Computer Teacher Training)
MD-CTT (Master Diploma In Computer Teacher Training)